Welcome and Orientation for Bachelor- and Masterstudents VWL


Bachelor and Master: Students' welcome takes places on the first monday at the start of the new winterterm (start of lectures).

Official announcements of Kiel University and the exact dates are available here

Master: Welcome and Orientation specifically for Masterstudents will take place afterwards. Additionally there is a meeting at the start of each summerterm, also on the first monday.

Information slides for welcome and orientation in our master programs are available here.


Additionally the Fachschaft offers an orientation-week. Information and dates are available here.


Introductory Class Statistics and Econometrics

Students in their Master Programs in Economics or Business Administration are welcome to deepen their knowledge in Statistics and Econometrics in an Introductory class offered by the Institute of Statistics and Econometrics at the beginning of fall term. Further information are given in Univis and here.


OMB+ Preliminary Online Course: Mathematics

Kiel University offers an online tutorial in mathematics directed to students in their first semester or earlier who are interested in refreshing their school knowledge in mathematics. You have the chance to work self-dependend with online assistance alongside. The course is offered in German language.

Further Information can be found here.