Consultation hours

Nov 07, 2019

Academic writing in economics

"Projekt erfolgreiches Lehren und Lernen" (PerLe) supports students in writing their seminar paper, bachelor`s thesis or master`thesis. Therefore a cooperation with the institute of economics was formed.

Appointment: on request

Attendance in consultation hours is voluntary. Individual appointments beyond the consultation hours are possible upon request.


Catharina Jerratsch

Phone: 0431/880-5369



Furthermore students of economics (bachelor and master) are committed to attend a seminar preparation course


Additionally there is the possibility to attend the course wissenschaftliches Schreiben für Volkswirte.
This course can be taken into account for the field of common studies (bachelor`s degree programm "Volkswirtschaftslehre" and Sozio-Ökonomik") including 3 ECTS (not graded). Note: The course is only available in German, since it is only relevant for the German bachelor`s degree program