Questions regarding an Exchange Semester


How do I apply for an exchange semester?

For information concerning an exchange semester, please check the international center ( or the ERASMUS-office of the Department of Economics ( for more information.

What steps have to be taken before the exchange semester?

For later recognition of course, please contact the professor responsible for the course whether the course and to which amount it will be recognized. For general questions on how credits abroad will be granted please contact Professor Wohltmann (

Can I participate in exams or seminars if I take a leave of absence (Urlaubssemester)?

No, you cannot write exams during the semester off. However, the re-examination of a failed exam is possible. General Information on leave of absence can be found on the homepage of the International Center.

What steps have to be taken after the exchange semester?

For recognition of courses passed on your studies abroad please contact the respective chairs at Kiel University and submit the transcript of records from the foreign university (including course title, workload, credits and grades), the name of the professor responsible, the content of the course, a list of literature and possibly other materials that offer information about the content and quality of the course. Recognition of foreign courses is only possible if the grade is based on an individual performance (e.g. exam, term paper). Finally, for official recognition, all documents have to be submitted to the examination office.