Questions concerning the Master’s thesis


How many credits are necessary to start the Master’s thesis?

The student may only start the Master’s thesis if the applicant has attained at least 60 ECTS from modules which have already been completed.

How do I apply for a Master’s thesis?

The registration for the Master’s thesis is possible consecutively in summer or winter terms. The form for the application for the admission to the Master’s thesis is accessible at the homepage of the examination office in the section “Formular Center”. Before registering to the Master’s thesis please agree upon the topic of your thesis with your chosen first examiner. Usually, the first examiner suggests the second examiner. Please inquire about topic proposals of the responsible chair and the available examiners. The agreed topic has to be registered with the following form: The completed and signed form has to be submitted to the examination office within a time limit of 3 weeks (starting at the date of signature by the first examiner). For the registration please come to the office hours of the examination office (room 15) in person.

The examination office checks the requirements for admission and determines the deadline which is noted on the application form. After the form has been signed by Professor Wohltmann, the Head of the Examination Board, you will receive a copy by mail.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the examination office.

When do I have to register for the Master thesis?

You have to register as soon as the topic has been issued. You are not allowed to work on the thesis without the official registration.

Is it possible for a professor outside Kiel University to supervise my Master’s thesis?

It might be possible that your second supervisor is not from Kiel. Officially, however, you will need a first supervisor from Kiel University. Although the Examination Procedure Regulations (§11,3) state that all assessors need to be members of the department, you are allowed to file an application to exempt one supervisor from this constraint. Mr. Wohltmann is in charge of this issue.

Do I have to defend my thesis?

No, this is not necessary.

Do I need to be in Kiel to write my Master’s thesis?

Not necessarily. However, contacting the examiner might be easier if in Kiel.