Examination Regulation and Module Manual

Bachelors' programme

Sozio-Ökonomik Module manual (German) Examination regulations (German)
Volkswirtschaftslehre Module manual (German) Examination regulations (German)

The information of the Bachelor Programmes are only available in German,


Masters' programme

  Examination regulations Module manual
Economics FPO FPO Module manual
Environmental and Resource Economics FPO FPO Module manual
Quantitative Economics FPO FPO Module manual
Quantitative Finance FPO FPO Module manual


Module Manual = detailed descriptions of all modules

FPO (Fachprüfungsordnungn)/ Examination Regulations = Structure of the programme and rules and regulations of examinations to obtain the degree


Note 1: For the FPO, the English version for information only. The German version is legally binding.

Note 2: With the Examination regulations you could build your Time-Table here.



Further regulations (only in German)

Examination Procedure Regulations (german)

Examination Procedure Regulations (english)