Different types of courses


What are the different types of courses that students are expected to take during their studies here?


Every student is required to pass a certain number of modules according to his or her programme's examination regulations.

A module groups a certain number of courses and exams into one unit.


The exact content of all modules is listed in the module manual of the respective programme.


Here is a summary of the three types of courses that are offered within the study programmes of our faculty:



Most of the modules in the degree are carried out in a lecture + tutorial system. Lectures are usually carried out by professors to go through theoretical concepts. They typically last 90 minutes. Students are expected to continue self-learning outside of lectures. Lectures are usually held once or twice a week.
The examination of a lecture module is typically a written exam, but might also be an oral exam or a take home exam. Exams are offered at the end of the lectures period and at the beginning of the next semester.



Tutorials are usually carried by tutors (more advanced students or PhD students) in conjunction with a lecture. Students can put into practice here what they have learnt during the lectures. Tutorials are often held biweekly or once or twice a week.



A seminar is usually offered by a professor based on a lecture module. Students are expected to write an academic paper individually, or as a group, and give presentations on the content of their topic. Students might be expected to meet with their professors prior to the seminar event, during which all students give a presentation of their topic. Schedules differ across the seminar modules and are usually specified by the professor prior to the semester in which it is offered.
Registration to seminars of the Institute of Economics takes place in OLAT during the previous semester (for Master-level seminars, please visit the OLAT-course Seminar Registration MA-VWL).
The examination consists of a "seminar contribution" which typically consists of two related examination elements such as an academic paper and the presentation/discussion thereof. For more details see Examination Regulations and Module Manuals of the respective programme.