Switching conditions

Relevant information for the change from the examination regulations (FPO) 2014 to the FPO 2021 are presented here. Information are relevant for the master programmes "Economics", "Environmental and Resource Economics", "Quantitative Economics" and "Quantitative Finance"!



The binding request to change to FPO 2021 can be submitted from now until September 30, 2021 via the following web form:


Request change to FPO 2021 (without VPN!)


The official terms and conditions for the change are available here:

Regulations on change to FPO 2021


The following Excel list must be submitted in addition to the request via the web form to hiwi-studko-website@economics.uni-kiel.de by September 30 2021. Please be sure to choose the exact same exam numbers as you find in your qis account:

Module List to be submitted


Earlier (outdated) information (until Aug. 27th 2021)


Starting  in winter term 21/22 new examination regulations for the master programmes Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Quantitative Economics and Quantitative Finance will come into force (FPO 2021). 


Change from FPO 2014 to the new version of the programme according to FPO 2021

  • There is a one- time switch possibility at the beginning of winter term 21/22. Afterwards a change will only be possible again when the FPO 2014 expires at the end of winter term 23/24.


How do I switch to the new FPO?

  • Fill in a form requesting the change (not yet available).

  • The form for a change of the examination regulation is currently being finalized and will be available in the beginning of September!

  • Currently enrolled students will receive an e-mail as soon as this form is available. It will be provided here.



  • According to §18 (2) FPO 2021 the deadline for a switch to the new examination regulations is September 30th 2021.


Stay in FPO 2014

  • If you decide to stay in FPO 2014, you can finish your programme according to the regulations of FPO 2014 until the end of winter term 23/24.

  • After that you will automatically switch into FPO 2021, if you did not finish your programme by then. In this case the same conditions for recognizing old for new modules apply as if you would switch in winter term 21/22 (according §18 (1) FPO 2021).


Which modules will be transferred to FPO 2021?

  • All modules that you already passed and which are also contained in the new FPO (see list in the appendix of the German FPO), will be transferred. You will not be able to choose which modules you transfer.

  • If you passed too many modules already, the modules passed first will be included in the grade calculation.

  • Modules that are not listed in the new FPO (see appendix of the German FPO) cannot be transferred.

  • Modules with the same name (and therefore same content) will be recognized (according §18 (3) FPO 2021). (E.g. if you passed the current module Advanced Microeconomics with 10 ECTS (VWL-AdvMic) in FPO 2014, it will be recognized for the new Advanced Microeconomics module with 12 ECTS (VWLamAdvMic-02a) in FPO 2021.)

  • You will need to make sure to have all necessary modules according to FPO 2021. Either by recognition/transfer of already passed modules, or by passing the modules after the switch.

  • If there are new modules that were not previously offered with the same content, you will need to pass them after you transferred into the new programme. A plan when which modules will be offered will soon be published in the Long-term Planning.

  • The exact list of modules in the compulsory elective sections is now published in the Appendix of the German FPO 2021.

  • In the Equivalence Chart you can see how the old modules will be recognized.

  • Some modules will get new names but keep their old content. In that case a recognition is also possible. These name changes are also mentioned in the Long-term Planning and the Equivalence Chart.


Failed attempts

  • The number of failed attempts to an exam will be transferred. So, if you already have two failed attempts in e.g. Advanced Microeconomics in FPO 2014, you will start with two failed attempts for this module in FPO 2021 (according §18 (4) FPO 2021). (Even if the module code will change due to the new 6 ECTS structure)



  • Please refrain from asking questions at the examination office and the programme advisors. The colleagues there do not know any more than the information provided here on this page.

  • When all information is posted here, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. We ask for a little patience. This will be announced here and by email.