Programme: Master in Environmental and Resource Economics (M.Sc.) FPO 2021


Information about the possibility to switch in the new examination regulations (FPO 2021) can be found here.
Please note that this page will be updated continuously, as not all information is available at the moment.


This curriculum is applicable if you started your programme in or after winter term 21/22.

Study Programme

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A wide range of specialised courses offered on a regular basis gives students an insight into many areas of economic research arising through cooperation with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.


Examination Regulations - Fachprüfungsordnung (FPO) (german) 2021

Examination Regulations (english) 2021





Minor Subject

Note that only the minor subject in Geography and Ecology is offered in English! For German as foreign language no previous German knowledge is needed.



List of modules offered in the winter term 21/22.

The modules of political science are offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, regulations regarding the form of teaching (online, presence or hybrid) are not yet finalized. More can be found here!

  • Registration via OLAT


German as foreign language:

No information available yet (05th of July 2021). Please check here for information on the style of lectures (attendance course or online courses). 

Registration periods:

  • for the summer semester 15 February to 15 March
  • for the winter semester 15 August to 30 September

Timetables can be found here or in Univis (you will probably need to refresh this page, use the button next to the middle on the screen and not on the bottom left corner!).

Geography and Ecology:

Note that the following information might change! You can inform yourself here.

No information available yet (05th of July 2021), regarding the form of teaching (online, presence or hybrid). 



(Preliminary) List of modules offered in summer term 2021

  • Registration via OLAT


Geography and Ecology

Note that the following information might change! You can inform yourself here or via the Univis!


  • Integrated Management of Rural & Woodland Regions - agrarAEF078-01a (Participation only possible on request; Excursion cancelled)
  • Management of Soil Resources - EMAEF047-01a (5 spots available)
  • Reconstructing Quaternary Environments (RQE) - MNF-eco-113 (Participation only possible on request; Wednesday or Thursday 8:15-11:45)
  • Coastal Evolution and Protection - MNF-ftz-geo-S126 (Participation only possible on request)
  • Modelling Consumer Behavior - egAEF068-01a (Unlimited spots)
  • Political Ecology - MNF-S142 (Participation only possible on request)
  • Remote Sensing Applications - MNF-geogr333 (Participation only possible on request)
  • Ocean Economics - agrarAEF880-01a (2 spots available)
  • Principles of Ecosystem Analyis - AEF-EM011 (5 spots available)


(Partly) Presence

  • Sciene Project 1 - EMAEF051-01a (3 spots available; Presence and online)
  • Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Poland - EMAEF023-01a (Participation only possible on request; if trip to Poznan impossible, field/lab in Kiel)
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems and Protection - Field Studies - MNF-eco-110 (Participation only possible on request; 25.5 - 23.6 [7 excursion days])
  • Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems - AEF-agr852 (Participation only possible on request; lectures online and practical part in presence)
  • Long Term Analysis of Landscapes - Field Studies - MNF-eco-103 (Participation only possible on request; Fieldtrips near Kiel)
  • Geoarchaeological and Holocene palaeoenvironmental field and laboratory analysis - MNF-eco-109 (Participation only possible on request; Fieldtrips near Kiel)
  • Abiotic-biotic interactions in the Wadden Sea - MNF-ftz-geo-S125 (Participation only possible on request; not clarified if online or presence yet)
  • Coastal Environmental Surveying Techniques - MNF-ftz-geo-S128 (Participation only possible on request; Fieldtrips 3 days/week near Kiel and Westcoast in September)
  • Long Term Evolution of the North-Sea Coast - MNF-ftz-geo-S175 (Participation only possible on request; presence if possible otherwise online live)
  • Decision Support Systems for the Governance of Coastal Ecosystems - MNF-ftz-geo-S174 (Participation only possible on request; September blocked)


First Semester: getting started

Information of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Sciences regarding your first semester.



Course Schedule and Types of Courses


Student's Handbook

  • Student's Handbook: For a general overview of your course structure and further information, the Student's Handbook provides information on how you can organize your studies.


Further Online Information


International Students



Contact persons


Study Programme Advisors can be contacted for questions about

  • Structure and content of the study programme
  • Application
  • Planning your study
  • Recognition of courses taken abroad or at other universities
  • General examination procedures


Overview of other contact persons:


Examinations, Seminars, Master-Thesis



Please note: In any case the degree-specific Examination Regulations together with the Examination Procedure Regulations are the legally binding documents regulating your study programme! You can find them in the "Legal Documents" below.



For information on seminar application, please visit the following links:

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Master Thesis



Legal documents



The  Environmental and Resource Economics Master of Science degree programme is accredited:Certificate of Accreditation (german only)



Exchange Semester

If you are interested in doing an exchange semester abroad within the EU, or in countries outside of the EU, please find the relevant information here:



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