General information and forms

Here you will find forms, which might be helpful for your studies as well as general explanations.


The following forms are designed to simplify the administration at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences' Examination Office. Where necessary, please fill in the corresponding form online. Then print out the form, sign it and submit it to the examination office (including any additional enclosures as required).

Examination issues

Doctor's note and withdrawal from examination
If you are unable to take examinations due to illness or if you would like to apply for an extension of the submission date for a thesis, you must submit an application for withdrawal or an application for extending the submission date as well as a doctor's note to the Examination Office. Please note that the application and the doctor's note must be submitted to the Examination Office immediately (this also applies to theses!!!). You can find the corresponding links here:
Application/doctor's note
Withdrawal from examinations for other valid reasons, in particular technical problems
If you wish to withdraw from the examination for other valid reasons, such as technical problems during the examination, you must submit an application for withdrawal. If the problems occur before the examination, please complete the application without delay, tick the box "other good cause" and submit the application to the Examination Office. If the problems occur during the exam, please contact the supervisory staff first. If it is not possible to continue with the examination, please fill out the application form immediately and submit it to the Examination Office. The application must be completed electronically and is valid without a signature. You can find the appropriate form here:
Registration for an examination
If you are not able to enroll yourself for an examination via the online function, please use this form (only available during the registration period). A signature is not required. However, the registration will only be accepted if it is sent to the examination office by stu-mail in time before the registration deadline!
Joker card
Here you can find the link for the joker application, as well as the link for the joker withdrawal and waiver declaration
Joker card
Extension of submission dates for theses
Application for extending submission date for Master's theses:

Recognition of previous study achievements

Recognition of previous study achievements

Students changing university or degree programme with prior academic achievements in a business studies or economics-related subject must submit proof of these to the Examination Office. For this purpose, please fill in the application for recognition:

Current information for the period of the Corona crisis: Please fill out the recognition application, sign it and send it scanned together with all other documents via the Stu-address to the Examination Office. The staff at the Examinations Office will forward the applications to the student programme advisors, who will contact you to inform you about the further procedure.


RecognitionForm Creation
Placement in a higher semester
In order to be able to switch from one degree programme to another at Kiel University, you will require the Examination Office to admit you to a higher semester. For this purpose, please fill in the following form:


Project report
Registration for the project report of the master studies in business administration.
Minor subject business administration for students of psychology
Registration for the minor subject business administration for the students of psychology. Registration period: 01.08. - 31.08. Note: The following form is only available in German, since it is only relevant for the German bachelor`s degree program.

Attestation and information

Attestation of handing over examinations
In case you want to have your examination handed over, please bring this form to the post-exam review:
Form 5 BAföG (Student Financial Assistance Programme)
Information on the form for your recognition of previous study achievements dealing with the BAföG office. Note: The following form is only available in German, since it is only relevant for the German bachelor`s degree program.
Information on BAföG
Usage of logos
Information on the usage of official logos of the university
Information on logos
Cooperation treaty with uni Hamburg
Information on the cooperation treaty with the university of Hamburg
Information cooperation