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Temporary notices             Publication date
Please also observe the current notifications for students on the Faculty's degree programme webpages.              
Information regarding change of degree-specific examination regulations             May 2016  
Automatic change of degree-specific examination regulations             May 2016  
Registration to seminars for students of
the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business  and the Master's Degree Programme in Economics and Business Studies for the summer semester 2016
Abolition of examination ID - required documents for examination             27/09/2015  


Permanent notices Publicatition date
Information on Bachelor seminar registration in Economics January 2015
QIS- registration for seminars February 2014
Issuance of academic achievements 28/06/2011
Regulations regarding the cooperation with the university of Hamburg 13/04/2011
New guidelines on what to do in the event of illness 07/12/2010
Important instructions on the use of official seals 08/12/2016
Key Skills Centren / Suppementary Studies 13/10/2009