Centre for forms for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes

The following forms are designed to simplify the administration at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences' Examination Office. Where necessary, please fill in the corresponding form online. Then print out the form, sign it and submit it to the Examination Office (including any additional enclosures as required).


Withdrawal from examinations

Information on withdrawing from examinations (link to the webpages of Kiel University's Examination Office)

If you are unable to take examinations due to illness or if you would like to apply for an extension of the submission date for a thesis, you must submit an application for withdrawal as well as a doctor's note to the Examination Office. Please note that the application and the doctor's note must be submitted to the Examination Office immediately (this also applies to theses!!!). You can find the corresponding form here:


Application for withdrawal

Doctor's note


Placement in a higher semester

In order to be able to switch from one degree programme to another at Kiel University, you will require the Examination Office to admit you to a higher semester. For this purpose, please fill in the following form:



"Joker card"

The link for the Joker application you can find here

The link for the application for awarding a third resit attempt ("joker card") you can find here