Institute of Social Sciences

Name Current teaching and priority research areas

Prof. Dr. Graeff,

LS: Empirical Social Research Methods, Statistics, Sociology.

FS: Social Capital Research (e.g. Corruption, Trust), Statistical Modeling. Dr. Krahmann,



LS: International Relations, Theories of International Relations, International Security, Foreign Policy.

FS: Global Governance, Critical Security Studies, Private Military and Security Companies, Peace Studies. Dr. Mondré,

LS: International Relations, United Nations.

FS: Ocean Governance, Deep-Sea Mining, Judicialization of International Relations.

Prof. Dr. Lutter,

LS: Civic Education, Economic Education.

FS: Civic Education, Economic Education.

Prof. Dr. Martin,

LS: Comparative Politics, Methods of Comparative Politics, Political Systems.

FS: Globalization, Party Competition, Electoral Rules.