Institute of Business

Name Current teaching and priority research areas

Prof. Dr. Blecher, Christian

LS: International Accounting, Consolidated Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Theory of Financial Accounting.

FS: Pension Benefits, Accounting Purposes, Standard-Setting Process, Crowdfunding, Crypto Currencies and Blockchain-Technique. Dr. Buengeler, Claudia

LS: Human Resource Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Change Management, Teamwork, Diversity.

FS: Leadership, Team Creativity, Diversity Management, Training, Employee Health, Change Management (e.g., via Jobcrafting). Dr. Cleophas, Catherine

LS: Service Operations Management, Decision Support, Business Analytics, Revenue Management, Business Modelling and Simultation.

FS: Applying and extending the methodology of operations research, decision report, and business analytics for customer-centric service science focusing on logistics, mobility, health care and public services. Dr. Friedl,

LS: Fundamentals of Business Administration, Management Control, Management Accounting, Cost Management.

FS: Behavioural Cost Management, Risk Management, Management Accounting.

Prof. Dr. Heckemeyer, Jost

LS: Business Taxation.

FS: Empirical Tax Research, Multinational Corporations, International Tax Planning and Anti-Avoidance Legislation, Measurement and Comparison of Effective Tax Burdens.

Prof. Dr. Hoffmann, Stefan

LS: Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research, Cross-cultural Marketing.

FS: Ethical and sustainable Consumer Behaviour, Collaborative Consumption, Communication Effectiveness, Digital Marketing, Cross-Cultural Marketing.

Prof. Dr. Meisel, Frank

LS: Supply Chain Management, Produktions- und Logistikmanagement, Operations Research.

FS: Supply Chain Management, Production Management, Logistics Management, Operations Research.

Prof. Dr. Nippel,

LS: Principles of Corporate Finance, Theory of Finance, Capital Budgeting, DCF-Analysis, Portfoliomanagement and Capital Market Theory, Mathematics of Financial Valuation.

FS: Theory of Finance, Capital Structure, Dividend Policy, Share Buybacks, SEOs, Theory of Capital Budgeting, Debt Financing, Accounting for Default Risk, Finance and Taxes, DCF-Analysis.

Prof. Dr. Schultz, Carsten


LS: Organizing R&D, Technology Management, Project Management, Management of Service Innovations.

FS: Management of Service Innovations, Product Service Systems, Health Care Innovations, Management of Radical Innovations, University Industry Collaboration.

Prof. Dr. Walter,


LS: Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Cooperation and Networks, General Management

FS: Innovation Networks and Cooperations, Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Promotors and Teams, Highly Innovative Projects.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolf, Joachim

LS: Organization Design, Organization Theory, Empirical Organization Research, International Management, Business Policy and Corporate Governance.

FS: Management and Organization of International Companies, Development of Strategies and Organization Designs of Companies.