Department of Economics

Name Current teaching and priority research areas
Prof. Felbermayr, Ph.D.,

LS: Principles of Economic Policy, International Economic Policy, European Integration 

FS: Trade agreements, labor market effects of globalization, environmental policy and international competition, international migration

Prof. Görg, Ph.D.,

Prof. Dr. Heidland, Tobias

LS: International Trade.

FS: Empirical Trade, Multinational Enterprises, Outsourcing, Panel Econometrics.

LS: Development Economics, Globalization, Migration

FS: International Development, Migration, Capital Flows

Prof. Dr. Köhne,

LS: Public Economics, Economic Theory.

FS: Public Economics, Economic Theory, Macroeconomics.

Prof. Konow, Ph.D.,
James Dr. Kornek,

LS: Economics and Ethics, Experimental Economics.

FS: Economics and Ethics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics.

LS: Environmental and resource economics, Climate change economics

FS: Environmental economics, climate change economics, game theory, political economy

Prof. Dr. Lux,

LS: Monetary Economics, Foreign Exchange Markets, Theory of Financial Markets.

FS: Monetary Economics, Asset Picing, Empirical Finance. Dr. Niebuhr, Annekatrin

LS: Empirical Labour Economics, Spatial Econometrics, Regional Economics.

FS: Empirical Labour Economics, Regional Economics, European Integration.

Prof. Raff, Ph.D.,

LS: Microeconomics, International Trade, Industrial Organization.

FS: International Trade, Multinational Enterprises, Industrial Organization.

Prof. Dr. Rehdanz,

LS: Environmental and Resource Economics, Regional Economics, Energy Economics.

FS: Environmental Valuation, Energy Economics, Spatial Economics, Empirical Economic Research.

Prof. Dr. Reitz,

LS: International Finance, International Financial Markets.

FS: Empirical Finance, International Financial, Capital Flows.

Prof. Dr. Requate,

LS: Microeconomics, Economics of Innovation, Competition Policy, New Institutional Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics.

FS: Environmental Economics, Resource Economics, Economics of Innovation, Industrial Economics, Experimental Economics, Energy Economics.

Juniorprof. Dr. Ruhose

LS: Labour Economics

FS: Labour Economics, Migration Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Economics

Juniorprof. Dr. Sandkamp,

LS: International Economics

FS: Trade Policy

Prof. Dr. Dr. Schmidt,

LS: Public Economics, Social Policy and Health Economics.

FS: Family Economics, Decision Theory, Experimental Economics.

Prof. Dr. Trebesch,

LS: International Macroeconomics and International Finance.

FS: Sovereign Debt and Default, International Capital Flows, Political Economy, Economic History.

Prof. Dr. Wohltmann, Hans-Werner

LS: Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Economics.

FS: Macroeconomics under Heterogeneity. Macroeconomic Dynamics.