Erich Schneider prize

As part of the memorial lecture held by the Department of Economics in honour of Professor Dr Dr h.c. mult. Erich Schneider, the directors of the Department award the Erich Schneider prize for the best dissertations. Professor Schneider (14.12.1900 – 05.12.1970) was an important economic theorist and a defining figure in German economics. Among other things, he was employed from 1946 to 1969 as Professor of Theoretical Economics at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences at Kiel University, and he served as President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy from 1961 to 1969.

The directors of the Department of Economics also present awards for the best students of the year in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes during the graduation ceremony held by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences.

Prize winner for the best dissertation in 2019:
Boyan Yanovski
: “Essays on Real-Financial Interactions and on the Application of Network and Random Matrix Theory to Economic Data"

Prize winner for the best Master´s thesis in 2019:
Juliia Kholodova: "Text Mining of Earning Calls: The Impact of Textual Measures on Stock Performance"
Sahand Kashiri: "Implementation of Genetic Algorithms in Prospect Theory-Based Portfolio Optimization"
Roland von Campe: "Monetary Policy Rules under Heterogeneous Expectations"

Prize winner for best Bachelor ´s thesis in 2019:
Johannes Marzian: "Effekte beruflicher Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen - theorethische Argumente und empirische Befunde"
Anika Schumann: "Postwachstumsökonomie - Eintagsfliege oder Dauerbrenner?"