Corona Pandemic - Exams

Temporary examination regulations for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences (in accordance with the guidelines of the Academic Affairs Division at CAU)

Version: 12.05.2021

Changes to previous versions are marked in blue.


Please note:
Requests and inquiries regarding examination matters will only be accepted via the stu-e-mail address.



0. Video surveillance and Identification  (19.01.2021)

The examiners are entitled to carry out video supervision of online exams using a video conferencing tool (e.g. BigBlueButton). The supervisors may check whether the students are within the camera's field of vision at all times, etc.

The examiners will inform students about the necessary technical equipment and obtain their consent for video surveillance (e.g. via OLAT).

The possibility to take the online exams in rooms of the university does not exist during the exam periods of the winter term 20/21. If students do not agree with the video surveillance, they can take the exams in another semester when they are offered again.

In case of online exams that take place under supervision an identity check will be carried out just like in case of attendance exams.

In case of digital exams with video surveillance a digital breakout room can be used for identity verification or the video conference can be set up in a way that only the supervisors can see the webcams of the individual participants in order to have the CAU-Card (if the CAU card could not be validated or is not available yet, your identity card/passport and valid certificate of student status can be used as alternative) shown to them via webcam. A passport or the CAU-card should therefore be kept ready.

1. and 2. are not valid/needed anymore.


3. Registration/deregistration, withdrawal, failure to sit examinations 

  • For examinations deadlines of the examination procedure regulations are valid. Up to 8 days before an examination you can deregister without consequences.


4. Free attempt - regulation in winter term 20/21 and summer term 21

In the winter term 2020/21 and summer term 21, the Corona University Law Supplement Ordinance (original: Corona-Hochschulrechtsergänzungsverordnung - Corona-HEVO) provides that examinations taken and not passed after the regulation comes into force on 23.01.2021 will be considered not taken under certain conditions (free attempt). The Presidential Board of CAU, together with the deans and deans of studies of all faculties, has decided that all examinations taken and failed after 23.01.2021, regardless of the form of examination, will be considered as not taken. This includes, among other things, attendance examinations and homework.

For the free attempt regulation in the winter term 2020/21 and summer term 2021 at CAU applies:

  • A free attempt will be granted for all examinations taken and not passed during the examination periods of the winter term 2020/21 and summer term 2021. IT IS NOT RELEVANT IF THE EXAMINATION WAS TAKEN IN THE FIRST AND/OR SECOND EXAMINATION PERIOD!
  • Failure to pass by not showing up for the exam will also result in a free attempt.
  • This also applies to examinations which are assigned to the winter semester 2020/21 or summer term 2021 but which take place at a later date for organizational reasons.
  • Examinations taken and failed in the current winter term before 23.01.2021 are not affected by this regulation.
  • For students who are caring for or looking after children under the age of 14 and whose learning or examination situation is significantly impeded due to the closure of schools and daycare facilities, any examination taken and not passed in the winter term 2020/2021 or summer term 2021 is considered a free attempt. A copy of the child's birth certificate must be submitted to the examination office as proof.
  • Failure to pass due to attempted cheating will NOT result in a free attempt. In addition to the assurance of independence by the students at the beginning of the examination, the examiners can also evaluate the LogFiles in OLAT and use them for the proof of a cheating!

Absolutely to be considered!:

Please take into account that due to the free attempt regulation and the further challenges in organization and teaching, the teachers and the examination offices are significantly more burdened by the Corona measures than in regular semesters. Therefore, out of consideration and to avoid planning difficulties, please only register for exams for which you have prepared and which you wish to take. If you are unable to attend an exam at short notice, please inform the respective examiners and the Examinations Office, especially in the case of oral exams, so that this can be taken into account when organizing the exams. Please also understand that it may take longer to respond to inquiries or that complications may arise with online examinations. In case of difficulties, please contact the persons listed below. In the case of face-to-face examinations, you will be informed in good time before the respective date about the hygiene rules that will then apply.


5. Bachelor/Master theses 

  • The regulations for withdrawal according to the examination procedure regulations apply again.
  • Deadlines can be extended upon justified request to the examiner. The justification should be plausibly explained. The examiner informs the Examinations Office about approved extensions of deadlines.
  • In place again (14.12.2020):The main gate (Hauptpforte) is permanently occupied, so that theses can be submitted here within the deadline (and contactless via the mailbox). If this is not possible, to meet the deadline, email (via your stu account) your final paper in PDF format to the Wiso Exam Office. As soon as you have the possibility to have your thesis printed, do this immediately and make sure that we receive both copies. You cannot begin preparing your transcript until the written version has been submitted! You must submit a declaration with the submission of the written version in which you confirm that it is identical to the submitted digital version.

  • The exemption (reduction of the minimum number of credit points for the registration of the thesis) is not valid anymore.


6. Seminar papers

  • The regulations for withdrawal according to the examination procedure regulations apply again.
  • The examiners decide whether deadlines are extended.


7. Transition to the Master's programm

  • Students who begin their Master´s studies in the winter semester 20/21 will also be granted an extension of the deadline: 31.03.2021

  • The deadline for proof of Bachelor's degree for students who will provisionally enroll in a Master's program in the summer semester 2021 is extended from 10.06.2021 to 30.09.2021. According to § 102 HSG, provisional Master's enrollment is possible if, based on the course of study and examination achievements to date, it can be expected that the degree will be completed in time for the deadline. Further information can be found on the pages of the Student Services.

8. Application for recognition

  • October 2020: Requests for recognition can now be made again as described on the website of the examination office (ONLINE!).

9. Note for B.Sc. Business Administration and M.Ed. Economics/Politics


Signed: Prof. Dr. Kai Carstensen (Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)


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