Checklist for international students

Now that you have received an offer from the university for your course, what's next?

  1. Read the Step-by-step Guide from the International Center to find out what documents you need to reply to the offer and most importantly, be present on the matriculation day!
  2. Accomodation - Check out the Studentenwerk website for the dormitories, or if other website for online advertisements on rooms or apartments for rent.
  3. Register at the city hall. It is imperative that you register at the city hall upon your arrival after having an address in Kiel. Find out how you can do it here
  4. Register with your embassy. Inform your embassy that you are residing in Kiel, Germany at the moment.
  5. Campus Wifi. Find out how to set up your wifi connection on campus here
  6. Explore the campus! Go to the library and do a tour. There is a also a library for every corresponding faculty. The Sports centre from the university offers a variety of sports activities that you can choose from, at a discounted rate for students. We also have 2 Mensas on campus for students. Here's a map of the university campus.
  7. Examination procedures and modules handbook. Have you read the examination guidelines and find out which modules you are interested in?
  8. Establish your own time table. It is essential that you attend the lectures and tutorials for the modules in which you are interested. You could create a time-table on Univis. There is a step-by-step guide here on how to do it. Or you could create your own time table with your own creativity.
  9. Preparatory courses. Are there any preparatory classes which are avalaible for your course before the semester starts? Check Univis for more details.
  10. Orientation programmes and information sessions. Are there any orientation programme or information sessions offered for students which you would like to join?
  11. Looking for jobs? As a student you are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week. Check out the job portals for open positions.


Studying in Germany in Ten Steps (DAAD)