Studying at Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Students during a lecture in the Audimax of Kiel University

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences offers high-demand degree programs in the areas of business and economics. She is heavily involved in the courses of study Electrical and Information Engineering and Business Management, Business Information Technology, Chemistry and Business Administration, in Political Science and Sociology. Further she is envolved  in the teacher training courses Business/Politics and Economics and Business Studies for teachers. In general, six-semester Bachelor and four-semester - partly in English - offered Masters Courses.

The Faculty encourages its students to perceive the possibility of a semester abroad. In addition to the Erasmus programme, the Faculty maintains several partnerships with foreign universities.

The training of doctoral students is characterised by structured doctoral programmes which ensure through their commitment to participate in deepening events a high-quality scientific training. Doctoral students are prepared for leadership positions in Business, International Organisations and Academia.