Corona Pandemic - Exams

Temporary examination regulations for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences (in accordance with the guidelines of the Academic Affairs Division at CAU)

Version: 11.11.2020

Changes to previous versions are marked in blue.


Please note:
Requests and inquiries regarding examination matters will only be accepted via the stu-e-mail address.



0. Video surveillance and Idnetification  (21.08.2020)

The examiners are entitled to carry out video supervision of online exams using a video conferencing tool (e.g. BigBlueButton). The supervisors may check whether the students are within the camera's field of vision at all times, etc.

The examiners will inform students about the necessary technical equipment and obtain their consent for video surveillance (e.g. via OLAT).

In case of online exams that take place under supervision an identity check will be carried out just like in case of attendance exams.

In case of digital exams with video surveillance a digital breakout room can be used for identity verification or the video conference can be set up in a way that only the supervisors can see the webcams of the individual participants in order to have the CAU-Card (and not the passport!) shown to them via webcam. The CAU-Card should therefore be kept ready.

1. In principle:


Exceptions to 1:

  • Alternative examination, outside of the stated examination periods above, are only permitted in agreement between students and examiners if the following conditions are all met:
  1. willingness of the examiner to conduct alternative examination types
  2. students are in their last semester and only 1-2 exam papers are missing
  3. there is already a confirmed employment.
  • For further conceivable "hardship cases", students should contact the chairman of the examination board Prof. Dr. Wohltmann.
  • Please note: There is no legal claim to individual examinations/ alternative examination types!

The following requirements must be observed to contain the spread of the coronavirus: 

  • Acutely ill persons and persons who have been in a risk area (according to the information of the Robert Koch Institute) in the last 14 days may not be admitted to the examination. Students must submit a corresponding declaration before the examination. 
  • Hygiene and precautionary measures must be observed. 
  • A distance of at least 2m between the persons present must be maintained.
  • Examinations in Adv. Macro II (M.Sc.), "Buchführung und Abschluss" (B.Sc.) and "Mathe II" (B.Sc.) will not take place in the reexamination period. For Adv. Macro II you first need to cancel your registration from the examination in the reexamination period. You can take the exam in the first and second examination period of the summer term. For the Bachelor modules have a look here:


2. Regulations, in case individual examinations or alternative examination types are carried out within the scope of the exception according to point 2:

  • New June 20: A declaration of consent by the student for a changed examination form is no longer required!


3. Registration/deregistration, withdrawal, failure to sit examinations 

  • For examinations of the summer term deadlines of the examination procedure regulations are valid. Up to 8 days before an examination you can deregister without consequences.
  • Existing registrations in POS/QIS will not be removed. If students have already cancelled their registration as precautionary measure, they will be given the opportunity to re-register at the next examination opportunity. (Period of registration for the reexaminatio : 27.07-09.08.)
  • Students who have not yet registered will also be given the opportunity to register for retake examinations. 
  • As soon as it has been determined when the regular examination schedule will be resumed, periods and deadlines will be determined in consultation with the faculties. Now determined:


4. Extra attempt to repeat exams (17.7.2020)

Section §11 (1) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) also applies to examinations in the summer semester 2020. Accordingly, a failed exam can be repeated twice, a passed exam cannot be repeated.

For the study programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences a free attempt, which is made possible by HSG §105 (6) as an exception, is not granted across-the-board. In general, also no free attempt is granted for individual examinations either. If it can be proven that in a particular module the teaching and learning or examination conditions were considerably aggravated by restrictions on attendance, the student council (Fachschaft) can apply to the Dean for a free attempt to be granted to all examination candidates who did not pass the examination. It should be noted that the free attempt regulation is not intended to compensate for individual disadvantages of students, but rather to compensate for significantly more difficult conditions in classroom operation that affected all students in a module. Individually, a free attempt can only be granted to students with children under 14 years of age.

In the modules of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, this regulation also applies to students from other faculties (in so-called export modules). For export modules offered by other faculties, the regulations of these faculties apply.


5. Bachelor/Master theses 

  • The regulations for withdrawal according to the examination procedure regulations apply again.
  • Deadlines can be extended upon justified request to the examiner. The justification should be plausibly explained. The examiner informs the Examinations Office about approved extensions of deadlines.
  • The main gate (Hauptpforte) is permanently occupied, so that theses can be submitted here within the deadline (and contactless via the mailbox) . If this is not possible (because the copy shops are closed), please e-mail your thesis in PDF format (via your stu-account) to the Wiso Examination Office to meet the deadline. As soon as you have the opportunity to have your thesis printed, please do so immediately and make sure that we receive both required copies. Your final certificate can only be prepared after the submission of the printed thesis! When submitting the paper version, you must submit a statement confirming that it is identical to the submitted digital version. A form is currently being developed for this purpose, which will presumably be made available online.

  • The registration of theses will continue to be possible. Professors may, however, refuse to supervise students (including assigned students) if the limited access to the necessary literature currently makes it impossible to work on the thesis. Please also note that digital resources can still be accessed via VPN.



6. Seminar papers


  • The regulations for withdrawal according to the examination procedure regulations apply again.
  • The examiners decide whether deadlines are extended.


7. Transition to the Master's programme

  • New information from the 8th of April 2020. If the studies of your bachelor program is not complete yet, but a provisional enrollment in the master for the summer term 2020 was done, your deadline for verification of your bachelor´s degree is extended from the 10. July to the 30. September of 2020. An application is not necessary.  

  • NEW: 29.06.20: Students who begin their Master's studies in the winter semester 20/21 will also be granted an extension of the deadline: 31.03.2021

  • The application deadline for the Master's programme ends on 20.08.2020. If you apply with a preliminary overview of your performance, 130 LP and proof of a preliminary average grade of 2.5 is sufficient. 150 LP must then be provided when you enrol.

8. Applications for recognitions

  • Requests for recognition can now be made again as described on the website of the examination office.

9. Note for B.Sc. Business Administration and M.Ed. Economics/Politics


Signed: Prof. Dr. Kai Carstensen (Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)


Information about the coronavirus from Kiel University